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NEW ! this is the start of digitising all of Yatton Yesterday books and More Yatton Yesterdays. See the Publications page for the link to the full versions of  Yatton Yesterday No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 , No. 4, No.5, No.6, No. 7 and No. 8.


See the Evening Talks page for the 2019 Programme


Yatton Local History Society was founded in 1982 with the original aim of researching the history of the parish of Yatton. Public meetings and visits were added later to the programme of research.

The Society has since published two series of books, Yatton Yesterday and More Yatton Yesterdays, over the years, along with a Parish Survey, the book A History of Yatton  and a Yatton Trail booklet, and has organised exhibitions and displays of photographs and paintings in the local library amongst other activities.  The current series of books is entitled Yatton Past and Present with issue 2 published at the end of 2014 and issue 3 available now.

Meetings with a guest speaker are currently held during the winter months and there are occasional trips and visits in the summer.

The Society is a registered charity (no. 1019832) and is affiliated to the  ALHA –  Avon Local History and Archaeology.

We welcome  local history enquiries or information via email at yattonlocalhistorysoc@gmail.com  but do not have the resources to help with family history enquiries (the Weston Family History Society may be able to help with these instead). 


Obituary of past Chairman and President:  Brian Bradbury

Obituary Brian Bradbury


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. John Pemberton

    I lived in Yatton as a very young child between 1945 and 1949 (born in Clevedon). Our house was called ‘Brookside’ and was as I recall close to a furniture factory. A childhood diary reveals friends at Wake Dean Gardens.
    I have few old photos of the house with family and neighbours (our particular friends were Albert & Kate Moore who lived opposite.
    Do you have any knowledge of ‘Brookside’ or the locality>
    John Pemberton


  2. admin

    Hello Nigel sorry only just picked your message up and have passed on to relevant person. Sorry to hear this, the pub has been very much an attractive part of our history, featured on old postcards etc



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